the purpose of this site is to give a sense of what i have done with my free time. i should be clear that i’d prefer to realize my ideas in physical space. i think that embodied, communal experience is sorely lacking, and so meaningful when so much of our time is spent isolated within screens. subsequently, making a website for me has always been this endlessly unsatisfying experience. what do i want to show (but actually, what don’t i want to show). running parallel to this presentational ennui, is the fairly prevalent impulse to professionalize creativity, to groom a sleek image of one’s self for consumption, ready to be instrumentalized for exhibition and hopefully primed for institutional validation. it’s an uncomfortable system, and i have issues with it.

for me attempting to curate the “neat-package” has been exhausting and counterproductive and stifling to my creative output. i’ve also been told that in these attempts to slick my work, so to speak, the work has lost a sense of personality. truth be told, i’m a bit of a diarrhetic creator, a messy artist, and keeping the flow uninterrupted is a challenge. so instead of cleanly delineating what my “practice” is or is not, consigning my work into discrete categorical distinctions (sculpture, photography, drawing, etc) or proposing a framing device like “a series,” i will just leave it all here messy, dispersed and incomplete. there are sketches for ideas never realized, blueprints, segments of film and fake installation shots, old writings, photos from when i was very young… all the fun, weirdo stuff no one shares but everyone secretly wishes they could get a glimpse of. i think more often than not, it is the space between things that is most revelatory or interesting… that in the fissures, nestled amongst our wrinkles, lies our fallible and tender truth. so here are my cracks, crevasses and a bit of spilt blood.

i guess i would just like for you to get a better understanding of who i am, what i think about, show some things good (and some perhaps regrettable). i’ve always felt i communicated better in one-on-one, intimate-style interactions but those are hard to come by, so in lieu of making dinner together or going dancing, this will have to suffice.

with love,