The Picnic,  2016

The Picnic,  2014


Original Sin, 2016


Objective Reminder, 2016

 Perspective History I, 2016

Perspective History I, 2016


Mutual Feeling I, 2013

 Belief Form I, 2016

Belief Form I, 2016


The Shot, 2015


The Meadow, 2015


Mutual Feeling II, 2013


Reality Distortion Field II, 2015


Reality Distortion Field III, 2016


Production stills from The Performance of Being.

STAGE: In the center of the theatre before an audience silent in pregnant pause, the actor stands upon the stage, lit by a solitary beam of light. Holding a vanity aloft, the actor reflects upon his visage, thinking of what words might reveal.  


Actor: "I feel like this is how I feel... but how could I look just so?"